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Storage unit for standard tooling

Displays use of colour change to archive differing depths of cut in 2D Draw.


Tool HolderTool Holder


This project was designed to help staff keep track of the tooling for the A1 router and A1 M series.

Anyone who has taught a class knows how hard it is to check every item of tooling is away and accounted for, this board makes a visual check easy to perform and ensure the machine has been left ready for the next class.

Machining :- Using 15mm MDF - The Green lettering is cut using the V Groove cutter setting at about 2mm depth the Red depth is 10mm using an area setting and a 6 mm tool and the blue is machined at 12.5mm depth with an area setting again 6mm tool.

The legs can be glued on as the picture or reversed to make a wall mounted unit.


A1 Toolholder 2D Draw File - Download
A1 Toolholder MillDesign File - Download